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Crane Rentals in Midland, San Angelo and Odessa, TX

At American Crane & Equipment, we use only the safest, most reliable, and best maintained equipment to perform our lifting jobs. We routinely and thoroughly inspect all of our cranes, trucks, and immediately perform any necessary service or repair. All of our crane operators are certified with National Commission For The Certification Of Crane Operators (NCCCO) Accreditation. Our fleet of rental cranes, operators, and riggers are capable of tackling any lifting job you may need help with.

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275 Ton All-Terrain Hydraulic Crane

210 Ton All-Terrain Hydraulic Crane

210 Ton On Location210 Ton

"El Diablo" & "The Red Baron"


150 Ton All-Terrain Hydraulic Crane

100 Ton Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Crane

90 Ton Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Crane

70 Ton Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Crane

50 Ton Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Crane

30 Ton Rough-Terrain

30 Ton Boom Truck

30 Ton Rough-Terrain

26 Ton Boom Truck

17 Ton Boom Truck

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